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twisty writing. Can I request, Octavinelle (separate) showing off their merforms to their partner (gender neutral if possible) thank you do much in advanced. Azul was still incredibly self conscious about his merform, especially since his partner had never seen a merperson. he didn't want to disappoint them by being gross or weird when they. Welcome to Twisted Wonderland Let us show you the real happily-ever-after. TWISTED WONDERLAND. News; World/Glossary; Characters; System; Staff/Cast; Special; TWISTED WONDERLAND. CHARACTERS. Twisted from Alice in Wonderland. Twisted from The Lion King. Twisted from The Little Mermaid. Twisted from Aladdin.

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. Imagine: Jade x Prankster FemReader Insecure S/O Meeting S/O's strict parents Scary looking but bubbly S/O Relationship with friend's S/O (Platonic) Him as a father Overhears crush's friends teasing them S/O who gets in trouble for silly things Lyric inspired drabble Emotionless BF has wolf ears/tail (male reader) Jade wants to squeeze his S/O.

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Twisted-Wonderland (Video Game ) Relationships: Riddle Rosehearts/ Reader ; Trey Clover/Jade Leech; Ace Trappola/ Reader ; Deuce Spade/ Reader ; Cater Diamond/ Reader ; Leona Kingscholar/ Reader ; Ruggie Bucchi/ Reader ; Jack Howl/ Reader ; Azul Ashengrotto.

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Twisted Chica is a monstrous version of Chica with an organic look. She is only mentioned in Five Nights at Freddy's: The Twisted Ones, she has a small line of Funko merchandise products. Her companion are two Twisted Cupcakes based on Cupcake and presumably Golden Cupcake. Trivia. All twisted animatronics' artworks are drawn by LadyFiszi.

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But the one time that you wrapped your arms around him and held him close to you as you both laid in the field, he was pleasantly shocked. "My, myand I never thought I would receive that type of affection from you". twisted wonderland leona kingscholar malleus draconia gender neutral relationship headcanons. 381 notes. Front Man X Reader.

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"It'd be good to keep in mind that him not being the king doesn't mean he's not royalty. You'll always be below him!" - Leona could feel his heart beating as he looked from you and to the group, giving them a condescending smirk. He never expected his kind little girlfriend to stay up for him in this way. These fuckers were done for.

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After his mother found out about your secret relationship, she demanded him to break up and cut all contacts with you. It was hard to do that when you belonged at the same dorm in Night Raven College, but he'd managed somehow. And slowly, you began to drift apart. Just like it was meant to be. "A-ah, yes. I guess I have.".

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aiming down sights cod. #mlqc #mr love queen's choice #mlqc x reader #mlqc victor #mlqc gavin #mlqc headcanon #mlqc lucien #mlqc kiro #mlqc lucien x reader #Mlqc victor x reader #Mlqc Kiro x reader #Mlqc Gavin x reader More you might like . I'd Rather F ya Than Kiss ya - Friends With Benefits! Floyd x Reader.Here's a fanfic for Floyd who doesn't seem to gain much attention on. what is.

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twisty writing. Can I request, Octavinelle (separate) showing off their merforms to their partner (gender neutral if possible) thank you do much in advanced. Azul was still incredibly self conscious about his merform, especially since his partner had never seen a merperson. he didn't want to disappoint them by being gross or weird when they.

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134 Stories. Sort by: Hot. # 1. Winter Wonderland by Malleus-Chan. 65.8K 2.7K 117. you, the daughter of the Cryo archon, Empress Tsaritsa, have been transported to the land of Twisted Wonderland to attend Night Raven College. She is not the only female... idiashroud. pomefiore. Peacefully holding a book, as leaves fall down one by one making the scenery more beautiful than it already was. She was one of the beauties of the dorm Pomefiore, it was no surprise but she still managed to capture the attention of a certain dorm leader. He sat there, a table far across the beauty, with his rambunctious friends.

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Twisted-Wonderland | Reader Lilia Vanrouge | Anime/Manga Romance Fanfic X Reader Lilia Vanrouge x reader Someone had told about the secret stories you shared with friends at sleepovers. After being shamed in front of everyone and your family, you left to save them from the embarrassment.

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A black cloud began to form on your gripped hand as your reflection cackled. You finally managed to disconnect your hand from your reflection’s when you forcefully pulled your hand away. When you inspected your hand, your eyes could only widen in horror as you saw the cloud that continued to linger on your hand.

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